While Paris can boast some great goodies but oldies, FRANCE 24 journalist Rachel Holman takes a look at what charms the city has to offer beyond the Eiffel Tower. From everyone’s favourite dive bar to the beauty of Belleville, 'Flipside’ gives an unconventional peek at Paris.

Row, row, row your boat

Summer in Paris has so far been a dreary affair. It’s basically been a long stretch of grey days and rainy weather. So, just in case you’ve forgotten what to do in the rare event of a sunny day, here’s a suggestion: boating in the Bois de Vincennes.
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A Happy Hour for French foodies

Les Heures Heureuses de Paris, a French reinterpretation of the traditional Happy Hour, invites the public to sample the capital’s varied and often delectable cuisine from May 22-24 at just two euros per tasting.
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Oldies but goodies: Great Paris vintage

Paris, like any city, has its share of low-end vintage stores that require you to dig through clothing that smells of mothballs in order to find that diamond in the rough. Here are three boutiques with a more inspiring selection of vintage fashion.
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'Dynamo' a county fair fun house for art lovers

A sprawling exhibit of works by contemporary artists from the 20th century, “Dynamo” at Paris’ Grand Palais is filled with pulsing lights, magic mirrors and all kinds of optical illusions, giving it the feel of a county fair fun house for art lovers.
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For the homesick American in Paris: Brunch at Allen’s Market

Brunch in Paris can be an underwhelming and overpriced affair, but Allen’s Market in the city’s trendy 10th arrondissement offers a real taste of a wonderful weekend ritual.

A lesson in making sushi from an American in Paris

Rice & Fish isn’t your average Japanese restaurant in Paris. Reasonably priced and deliciously creative, it serves an array of imaginative maki. Here's a lesson in how to make your own rolls by the restaurant's American owner and chef, Andy Gal.

One Parisian’s trash is another’s new vintage lamp...

The neighbourhood brocante in Paris falls somewhere between an antique market and a garage sale. While some sift through second-hand goods in search of a bargain buy, others use the event to spend time with friends and unload unused possessions.
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Relaxing and affordable, a hammam worth visiting

Not quite a spa or a bathhouse, a hammam falls somewhere between the two. After Paris' drab winter and more or less miserable spring, what better place to shake of a case of bad weather blues?
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In France, food says it all

Paris is a city that loves food. In fact, it loves food so much it often crops up as either a topic of conversation or a form of expression. There are a myriad ways of bandying fruit laced idioms or meaty insults to describe people and things...
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A pick-it-yourself farm on the fringes of Paris

After a short hiatus, “Flipside” is back! For Parisians looking to escape plastic-wrapped foodstuffs, the Ferme et cueillette de Gally offers a breath of fresh air and a down-to-earth alternative to the city's monotonous supermarkets.
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First day of summer 'soldes', Parisian-style

As the first day of summer soldes (sales) draws near, Paris’ professional bargain hunters are already sharpening their spears. Here are a few tips on how to survive a first day of a soldes experience.
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There is a right way to cut the cheese...

Sitting down to dinner with uninformed manners in Paris is not a good idea, as one risks both ruining everyone's appetite and accepting blame for having single-handedly butchered the art of French cuisine. Here are a few lessons learned the hard way.
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Paris gets muy caliente

In a city that generally shuns spice, Mexican cuisine has never been very accessible nor good in Paris. Yet the city’s shortlist of not just edible, but inspiring Mexican restaurants seems to be growing as a handful of new taquerias crop up.
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Interpreting the French face

The French face is what hands are to the Italians. It stretches and twists to express a wide range of expressions and emotions with the same elasticity of a rubber band. Here’s a look at some recurrent French faces and how to interpret their meaning.
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Top 10 terraces in Paris

One of Paris' undeniable charms is its terrace culture. Here's a look at the city's 10 best terraces, from sophisticated and chic to favourite neighbourhood dive.
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Canal Saint-Martin, a veritable catwalk

As the weather turns warm in Paris, crowds swarm the city's ever-popular Canal Saint-Martin, transforming it into a prime spot to see what Parisians are wearing this summer.
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French kiss, French bread...French beer?

The French excel at a number of things, but who knew that one of them was beer?
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