'Dynamo' a county fair fun house for art lovers

A sprawling collection of works by contemporary artists like Anish Kapoor, Jeppe Hein and Ann Veronica Janssens, “Dynamo” at the Grand Palais is filled with pulsing lights, magic mirrors and all sorts of visual trickery.


Officially, the exhibit is meant to look at abstract art throughout the 20th century that plays with concepts of space, vision and light. All said and done, it’s more like a county fair fun house for artsy-intellectual types.




Video by the talented and beautiful Ryslaine Moulay.  


But it’s great for regular adults and children too. “Dynamo” is a delightfully fun and interactive exhibit that entertains the imagination and plays with the senses. Even if contemporary art isn’t exactly your thing, it is definitely worth a visit. On a more cautionary note, the Grand Palais warns that, “some of the exhibition’s installations emit strong light stimuli that can pose a risk to visitors with epilepsy.”  


Be sure to reserve tickets in advance to avoid long lines, and give yourself at least two hours to enjoy the exhibit.   DYNAMO at the Grand Palais April 10 - July 22 Open everyday (except Tuesday) from 10am until 8pm Open late on Wednesdays until 10pm  


Main photo by Mehdi Chebil.

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